Computer Architecture CA134 IF 245 Fifth Unit-V ADVANCED COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE Important 2 marks Question And Answer


1) What is RISC?
RISC means Reduced Instruction Set Computer.
2) What is CISC?
CISC is Complex Instruction Set Computer.
3) Define CISC?
A computer with a large number of instructions is termed as CISC.
4) What is RISC architecture?
It is a dramatic departure from the historical trend in CPU architecture and challenges the conventional wisdom expressed in words and deeds by most computer architects.
5) What is Machine cycle?
It is defined as the time taken to fetch two operands from registers performing an ALU operation and storing result in a register.
6) Define SPARC
SPARC means Scalable Processor Architecture.
7) What are the key elements used in RISC system design?
1) Limited and simple instruction set.
2) Large number of general purpose registers.
3) An emphasis on optimizing the instruction pipeline.
8) What are the characteristics of CISC architecture?
1) Large number of instructions.
2) Some instructions perform specialized tasks.
3) A large variety of addressing modes.

9) Why is RISC termed as scalar processor?
RISC is capable of issuing one instruction per cycle and hence they are called scalar processors.
10) Define fault tolerance.
It is defined as the ability of a system to execute specified algorithms correctly, regardless of hardware failures and program errors.
11) Give the instruction set of CISC.
The range of instruction set is sixteen to sixty four bits per instruction.
12) Give the instruction set of RISC.
The of instruction set is Thirty two bits per instruction.
13) What are the types of control flow model?
1. Sequential control flow model
2. Parallel control flow model
14) What are the types of control flow model?
1. Static control flow model
2. Dynamic control flow model
15) what is data flow graph?
It is a directed graph whose nodes correspond to operators and arcs are pointers for forwarding data tokens.
16) What is SPARC architecture?
The scalability of SPARC architecture refers to the use of the different number of register windows in different SPARC architecture implementations.
17) What is data flow language?
It is a high level language for data flow computers which should be able to express parallelism.
18) Give some representatives of CISC.
Intel i 486 , Motorola MC 68040 and NS 32532.
19) Give some representatives of RISC.
SPARC, Intel i 860, Motorola 88100, AMD 29000.
20) Give the subdivisions of register window.
There are three subdivisions , INS , OUTS, LOCALS etc..

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