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How to Solve The Problem “This Site May Harm Your Computer” Google Search Result

These Google search Result show some page “This Site May Harm your Computer “.These errors occur when your html or other programming code contain any illegal code But you will not add this code. When you updating your web server these code is automatically adding to you code’s. These codes normally start with <iframe>. I add screen shot of the code. Your malicious code is not same like this. It is looking like that code. If you see any additional code in your webpage code then removes it. After 24 hours check your website in search engine it removes the error or warning message.
Google search result Site may harm your computer virus code SEE the following WebPages for complete reference

And also see some security information for your website.

Google search result
Google search result Site may harm your computer warning message If you open this website it show the following warning message
Google search result Site may harm your computer

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