Basic of the IP Address | Network Address & Host Address | How to identify the system

If you like to connect your system to the network. You must have unique system IP for your system. BY through your IP Network find your system. Your system need NIC (Network Interface card) physical device connect to the network. IP –Internet protocol .IP is assign address to packet & it is responsible for carrying data and route them to correct destination.
IP address it contain two parts.
Network Address.
Host Address.

Network Address
Network Address is the first part of IP Address which is uniquely identify the network in the large TCP/IP network environment. Each Network contains there own network address on the internet and that the other network which it communicates. NIC-Network Information Center it is required unique network address for every organization. The unique network number is added to the packet which is sent from the network on the internet.

Host Address
Host address is used Identify the system in the particular network. Therefore IP address is need every unique Host address in the network.


hota said...

Why don't u give an example shwing each address .

Learning|Tutorial said...

see these link i add example

anu said...

The basic of the ip address & how to identify the system as well as the network & host address informations are very nice. This is useful for the basic users also. I normally use the website ip details to get the ip address without knowing these informations.